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Apr 26, 2000 02:31 PM

Restaurants while on the Atkins Diet

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Yes, yes, I know it's generally unhealthy. But nonetheless, I'm on a two week tuneup and could use some help: does anyone out there know of restaurants that denote high-protein appetizers, entrees, etc., and or cater to those on the Atkins Diet?? I know of steakhouses, of course, and fish restaurants and Brazilian riodiozo joints. I'm looking for non-obvious options that allow for some variety.

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  1. "Yes, yes, I know it's generally unhealthy."

    Actually, no, no, it's not! The diet's tenets are gradually, grudgingly being accepted even by a mainstream that has long felt threatened by the notion that sugar and trans-fatty acids are dangerous, and that nutritional supplements are good for you. See the link below.

    Almost any restaurant will serve some kind of grilled protein and green vegetables or a salad. Atkins' and similar diets are so common these days that requests to replace a starch with something green, or to replace a goopy salad dressing with oil and vinegar or lemon on the side, are generally honored without fuss.

    Skipping the bread and dessert (or substituting a bit of plain fruit, if you're at that stage) are the dieter's responsibility, of course.

    I've had success lunching at Yip's Chinese buffets and the myriad Korean/Chinese/Japanese "delis" around the city. They always have some plain fish, chicken, or meat, along with fresh salad greens and sauteed or steamed vegetables, and it's simple enough to scrape the slop off the spare ribs if you're not too fastidious about what you get on your fingers.

    Good luck!


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      I have also had good luck at Spanish restaurants. I just avoid the paella.