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Bonomo Turkish Taffy

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Does anyone remember this? It may have come in different flavors, but vanilla was the best! It was hard--you could break it in pieces, but it was soft once you started chewing it! It tasted like the center of a vanilla Charleston Chew. If anyone knows where I could find this, I would be forever grateful! :)

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  1. Look down the index of this board and you'll find extensive discussion. Or use the search engine (on top left of our main page)

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    1. re: Jim Leff

      I am really looking for a supply of this stuff and I hope that it is still around somewhere, please let me know if you find any...thanks

    2. I too would love to find out how to get this taffy for my mother who remembers eating it when she was a child. If anyone can tell me where and how to get this, i would be extremely grateful.

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      1. re: darcy

        It is not being made any more. I can't tell you how sorry I am.

      2. I love this also, been searching for years. If I find it, I'll let you know. Loved smacking that think flat taffy against the side walk into pieces! Loved the vanilla best also. Good luck, let me know if you find it.

        1. G-d, I have been on-and-off looking for it myself. I lived in Asbury Park, N.J. It came in strawberry, chocolate, and, the best, vanilla. Did you find any? Yes, I remember it is putting in in the fridge for a few hrs, then slapping it on the street, and having hundreds of little pieces to eat. Your description of the flavor is accurate. That is why I like Charleston Chews. But, as I remember the flavor, not as good as Bonomo's. Bonomo's was denser and more intense flavor. I've sinse moved to Colorado where anyone I ask about them thinks I'm nuts. If you have heard anything about them PLEASE let me know.

          1. found this article on the web:

            Turkish Taffy Man Bonomo
            Candy freaks of a certain age will remember Bonomo’s Turkish Taffy, a confection which inspired loyalty in movie goers and schoolchildren alike.
            The euphonious name “Turkish Taffy” reflected clever marketing as much as it did reality. The sephardic Bonomos really did have roots in Turkey, but the recipe was invented in Coney Island, the saltwater taffy capital of the United States.
            Victor Bonomo, who died at age 100, inherited the family’s boardwalk candy concession. By the end of WWII he was hawking three candy bars, “Thanks,” “Hats Off,” and “Call Again,” which was described as a “poor man’s Milky Way.”

            Most popular, though, was the Turkish Taffy, which was sold in bars the size of a 1945 nickel Hershey bar. It came in vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and banana, in a package adorned by fez-capped, smiling candy makers. (The fez had been outlawed by Ataturk in the 20s.) By the time Bonomo sold off the business in the 60s, sales tallied as many as 100 million bars per year.

            The company ended up in the hands of Tootsie Roll, which ceased production of it in 1989.

            1. Just wanted to let you know that if you can find a website for Public Radio, they had an Easter show on and there is a woman in California that sells all of the old-time candy....including Turkish Taffy. I will try to find it tomorrow and will send you the site name if I can find it. I wrote it down during the show, but misplaced it since then. If you have since found a place to get it, could you please e-mail me. My cousin just today asked if I knew if she could get it anywhere and that's how I came across this site.

              Thanks, and good luck.


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                just spent hrs looking for taffy for my sps. i too had heard about the lady who sells hard to find candy but could not remember where the online site was..if you do remember i would appreciate that email address too.

                1. re: Karen

                  Did anyone ever find out what the website of the lady on the Easter radio show was, or anywhere else to get Turkish Taffy? My mother has been looking for it....

                  Jenny Vilums

                  1. re: jenny vilums

                    Try www.hometownfavorites.com in the candy section. They have a French Chew Taffy that comes in vanilla, chocolate and strawberry. It was recommended to me as being almost identical to the old Bonomo Taffy.

                    1. re: Lynn

                      Thank you for recommending that. I ordered 10 pieces of French Chew Taffy and I am eating it as I write this. It is close but not as good. I am a little disappointed.

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                  Steven LJ Russo

                  The company, located in Coney Island, was sold to the Tootsie Roll company in the 1960's. Production was stopped in 1989.

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                    Lets get it back!! Bonomo Taffy was my favorite candy in the world. The vanilla was incredible. They also sold chocolate and strawberry(banana was around for a while also).....I miss it so much....

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                    Steven LJ Russo

                    Let me correct my errors. The Company had several different owners since the 1960's, with Tootsie taking it over in 1980. Taffy production stopped in 1989. Victor Bonomo died on June 26th 1999 at the age of 100, in Florida. Since Tootsie was the last to produce the Taffy, how about a massive writing campaign to bring it back.

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                      Although I'm too young to have tasted the famed Bonomo Turkish Taffy, I've been drawn to the incredible number postings on this product.

                      It seems like every 10th post or so, someone mentions a starting a huge letter writing campaign, which I have to assume never gets off the ground. This begs the question: do you Boomers really want this candy to come back, or do you love to hate the fact that it is gone for good?

                      1. re: Steven LJ Russo
                        old new yorker

                        I also loved this stuff. Please correct me if I am wrong - but didn't the commercials have this tag line - "tastes like ice cream, only crunchy"? I could be confused - not an abonrmal state of mind for me. rgds

                        1. re: old new yorker

                          Up here in the Great White North, the commercials ran along the lines of "You smack it, you crack it" (kids would whack the bar against a wall or table to break it into small pieces), and then would finish with:

                          "You spell it B-O-N-O-M-O OH-OH-OHHHHH BONOMO! TURKISH TAFFY!"

                        2. re: Steven LJ Russo

                          Can't believe that someone else is looking for Turkish Taffy...Laffy Taffy just doesn't get it. Just saw a program on Fralinger's Salt Water Taffy and it got me thinking....Remember...you had to break the taffy so that you could get bite size pieces...otherwise, it would stretch out forever and you could never chew it all....I loved the vanilla...chocolate was ok..I think it came in Strawberry...sorry to hear about Mr. Bonomo...who got the recipe?

                          My other favorite is BB Bats...Chocolate and Vanilla...can't eat Banana...Turkish Taffy and BB Bats must be an East Coast thing...since I moved to Indiana 10 years ago, the only people who have ever heard of it out here are from the East...Anyway, you can find BB Bats at Cracker Barrel out here...

                          Send address for Tootsie and I'll write!

                          1. re: Donna

                            Bonomo Turkish Taffy is not just an East Coast thing. I've lived here in Indiana all my life & used to eat it all the time when I was a kid. I loved it - especially the vanilla! I haven't seen it in years, but would love to be able to buy it again. I'll write and/or email Tootsie Roll Co. to encourage them to start making it again. The squeaky wheel gets the grease, so let's start squeaking!!!

                        3. anyone knowing where to get one, Please let me know

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                            There is something out here called "Abba-Zabba" which is "similar (?)". It is in a bar form like Bonomo's, but has a Peanut Butter center. The vanilla taffy part is DEAD ON Bonomo in taste. I just don't appreciate fully the marriage to the peanut butter center!

                            1. re: Dan Swift

                              Oops! I ment to say in "out here in Southern California."

                          2. Old Time Candy Company at www.oldtimecandy.com claims they've found a French taffy that's as close to Bonomo as you can get today.

                            Link: http://mnl_1221.tripod.com

                            1. Unfortunately Bonomo's Turkish Taffy is no longer available. We found a very close substitue called French Chew. You can read the story of Bonomo's and order French Chew at our website.

                              Link: http://www.oldtimecandy.com/bonomo.htm

                              1. I remember it fondly. Amazingly enough, I liked all four flavors, even though I usually hate the taste of strawberry. If the taffy was warm, I would eat it as is. If it was cold and stiff, I would smack it against the counter (as the ads said to do), and open it up and eat the pieces. Occasionally, it even came in little rolls, like tootsie rolls.

                                I miss it!

                                1. l
                                  Lynne Hodgman

                                  I loved it! It was vanilla like no other vanilla! I hadn't thought of it in years and when I saw the name in the post, I could *taste* it again. Grew up in NH. The fireballs then were good too, nothing like now. Also liked pepsin chewing gum, another thing of the past?

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                                  1. re: Lynne Hodgman

                                    Hi everyone!
                                    There is a website called hometownfaovorites.com there is a taffy that taste almost as good as Bonomo's but I'm sad to say not exactly! Now is there anyone out there that remembers a penny candy that was a little tin dish and spoon the size of a quater with crimped sides that had a semi soft candy that came in all kinds of flavors? I love them!

                                  2. I'm a child and my mom always talking about buying it for $00.5 in gradeschool in Laural MD.
                                    My mom talks about it so much I want to sample it myself! My question is: is Bonomo still in business?

                                    PS. Vanilla was my moms favorite too :)

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                                    1. re: Wiegarf

                                      Hi Wiegarf: Your Mom was right, it was really good and vanilla was my favorite too. Did she tell you that you could put it in the fridge where it would get hard as a rock, and then you'd have to wack in on something to get pieces small enough to eat? Sorry to have to tell you that it's not made anymore though. Pat

                                    2. c
                                      Cheryl Fairbanks

                                      Oh my God!!! That was my Favorite Candy growing up. It came in four wonderful flavors; Vanilla, Chocolate,
                                      Banana and Strawberry!!! I loved them all!! Do they still make this great Taffy anymore? Bonomo Turkish Taffy! My Favorite!!!

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                                      1. re: Cheryl Fairbanks
                                        Ronald Barankovich

                                        Do you still make vanilla taffy?

                                      2. I have been mentally tasting this candy for years.
                                        Would love to have the real thing. I understand they don't make it anymore, but if someone finds the address for the lady that sells oldtime candies I would appreciate an e-mail. I wish the kids nowadays could experience that flavor. thanks

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                                        1. re: b berkshire

                                          You can buy a "taste-alike" from www.hometownfavorites.com. It's called "French Chew" and comes in chocolate and vanilla.

                                        2. YES...and like many others I have searched for this taffy that I loved so well as a kid. Vanilla was my favorite flavor also...and I can remember chocolate and possibly either a cherry or strawberry flavored too.

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                                          1. re: Kim Keihn

                                            Sorry to disapoint all, but they do not make it any more. Here is a neat litte story on it and explains an alternative that is supposed to be really close.

                                            Sorry Everyone.

                                            Link: http://www.oldtimecandy.com/bonomo.htm

                                          2. The closest thing to Bonomo's Turkish Taffy is Dosher's "Vanilla French Chew Taffy", you can purchase it at Cracker Barrel Stores....that was my favorite candy as a child and someone found this for me in Connecticut.If you go into the net "turkish taffy" you can see the candy.

                                            1. Bonomo Turkish Taffy is returning this summer, possibly July.


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                                              1. re: radrick13

                                                The first ship date was July 1, the manufacturer's sales director informed me, but distribution takes time. As of today it's not in stock at Dylan's Candy Bar (where I looked in after a cavity-free dental checkup). The rep added that he expects Dylan's to have it on hand by August.

                                                Dylan's Candy Bar
                                                630 Old Country Rd, Garden City, NY 11530

                                                1. re: DaveCook

                                                  I am so psyched! After a LOONG absence, I finally have my Banana Bonomo's back! I got some online from www.bulkcandystore.com and it tastes just like it used too .love banana candy and this was a favorite growing up. Wahoo!!

                                              2. Have to laugh! Was in Istanbul last week and was asked if I'd like some turkish delight - all I could think of was where's the turkish taffy lol!!!

                                                1. ALERT ALERT ALERT!! Reading the food section of the Sun Sentinel: BONOMO'S TURKISH TAFFY MAKING A COMEBACK -- "Antonio Dumas, owner of To the Moon, a candy store in Wilton Manors (FL), received his first shipment of Bonomo's, now made by a Pennsylvania company. Bars are available in vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and banana and cost $1.29 each. Miniatures are 25 cents or $5.99 per pound. To the Moon , 2206 Wilton Dr., Wilton Manors, 954-564-2687, tothemoonmarketplace.com."

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                                                  1. re: Linda VH

                                                    Oh, frabjous day! Callooo, callay!
                                                    (wow. $1.29 sure ain't a nickel or a dime, is it? I must be OLD!)