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Mar 31, 2000 06:00 PM

Another boomer candy craving

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Okay, I've got one for lunch time when I was a second or third grader at St. Catherine of Alexandria School on Fort Hamilton Parkway in Brooklyn (1957, 1958, thereabouts), we used to be allowed to walk around the neighborhood (can't imagine that happening now!). I used to cross the street to a little junky candy store and buy goodies. There were the usual wax lips and moustaches, those tiny wax bottles of unbearably sweet yet irritating colored syrupy stuff, Lik 'M Aid, candy necklaces, etc. etc., all of which my mother would die if she knew I was eating. But my delight was something called Mint Juleps--a cellophane packet of five chunky cubes of spearmint-flavored taffy, each wrapped in wax paper, for a nickel. You put one in your mouth and it was hard at first, then softened and you chewed it with great satisfaction for a long time. The flavor stayed true throughout. I would kill to taste one of them again....

Chris Bridges

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  1. I remember them barely, mostly because I was not fond of them. Now, Zots, that's another story. You might try Economy on Rivington near Essex. There's another wholesaler a block south of Houston in the LES. Maybe even LES Candy on Ludlow. Or check the big wholesalers like Globe in Bklyn, Queens Tobac and Candy or Bazzinni in the Bronx

    1. I can't tell you where to find them--but I do want you to know that I remember them. And miss them. Not a lot of kids liked spearment--but I thought they were great.

      Sure beat the waxy syrup bottles and boring sheets of candy dots. Tho'---my favorite WAS still the Bonomo's--and the Lik 'm Aid.

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        Chris Bridges

        "Not a lot of kids liked spearment--but I thought they were great."

        I'm glad someone else shares my fond memories...I always thought spearmint was one of the best flavors...
        now WINTERGREEN....that's what I really hate! To me that's the most disgusting flavor I can think of, bar none....