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Mar 21, 2000 10:43 AM

duane park pattiserie and chocolate cake

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Does anybody know how the $35 chocolate blackout cake at Duane Park is? The brownies there are delicious. The cake looks good.

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  1. I bought that cake for my dad's birthday last June. I can't remember many exact details but the overall impression was just alright, not worth the money. If memory serves, it was dry and not as chocolatety as we wanted, falling squarely in the underwhelming category.
    On the other hand, and in the same neighborhood, the Bouley Bakery's mini-chocolate souffle had me sighing.

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    1. re: Liza
      jonathan sibley

      I think the David Glass chocolate cake is quite nice and chocolatey. Some supermarkets carry it (in NJ, the Kings near us has it frozen).

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      I don't know about their blackout cake, but try their sacher torte. It's dynamite.