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Mar 14, 2000 11:44 AM

Real Fish & Chips

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Who knows where to find real British-style fish & chips in/around NYC? I mean a big piece of battered cod and thick greasy chips with salt & vinegar served in a piece of newspaper. So bad it's good!

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  1. There is a place on Second Avenue and about 10th called Telephone Bar and Grill, or something like that. You cannot miss the place, as there are big red Brit telephone booths in front. I had authentic fish and chips there recently. Not great, a little loud, but it was pretty cheap as I recall.

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      There are a couple of places in Kearny, NJ. One that I have liked is "Thistle". It is on the main street but I do not know the address.

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        Another place to check out in the East Village for authentic fish & chips would be 'One and One' on 1st Ave. and 1st Street. Good pints, and also excellent potato skins! It's an Irish place, but a more modern feel to it, not the usual drab wood & cheesy green leprechaun decorations.

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      Brooklyn. I do not know if it still exists - but perhaps a current resident can help out. I lived inBay Ridge in the mid 1980-s at 3rd Avenue and 72nd street. There was a real, old fashioned fish store at about 74-75th street. In addition to buying fresh fish, you could also buy fish and chips. It was wonderful. Sorry I cannot be more precise. Good luck.

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        David Jacobson

        Thompson's Seafood on 3rd Avenue. Great fish & chips, you can watch them slice up the chips from a huge barrel of potatoes