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Mar 10, 2000 10:05 AM

healthy but scrumptious?

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Any suggestions for restaurants with generally healthy food that also tastes great? We're tired of looking for the least evil offering at neighborhood Italian places or trying to find an interesting salad. We're not diet fanatics...just trying be a bit kinder to our bodies.

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  1. Two ideas:

    Caravan of Dreams on E. 6th nr. A (I think). This place is a health-food type place but, to me, stands apart from the genre, everything tastes great and is made with lots of wonderful spices and garlic, etc. Even the soy-milk desserts are yummy and I don't usually go for this type of thing. One caveat I have not been in a few years but always hear good things...

    Another idea is Little Havana Cuban Restaurant on Cornelia St. (NOT Habana over on Elizabeth). I haven't eaten here yet but was told that while it's delicious cuban authentic food, the woman who is the chef-owner just happens to strive for healthy methods of cooking, avoiding frying things, buying organic chicken, etc. and the word is that she succeeds very well. It's small so you may want to make a res.

    The other thing is sushi, I'm sure you have thought of this... I love it because it has no added fat, just the raw fish is so clean and light. Japanese is like the original health-food.

    Good luck!!

    1. Black-eyed Suzies Organic Cafe on 7th st. between Avenue A and 1st Avenue. Many yummy, always fresh veggie options, plus fish and free range poultry. Unlimited filtered water and some tasty organic beers and wines. Nice laid back atmosphere, recently ate there, cost was around $35 for two and we had drinks. cheers!