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Feb 28, 2000 02:36 PM

Ostrich meat

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Just back from New Mexico where the local farmer's market had locally raised ostrich fillets, which were divine roasted quickly on high heat - we managed to set off the fire alarm.
I've seen it at Ottomanelli's and Citarella, but it is incredibly expensive at both places. Any suggestions?

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  1. I've bought both steaks and chopped meat (ostrich) at BJ's warehouse in Whitestone, but it was at least 3-6 monthes ago. You need to be a member or go with a member, but the price was reasonable for the item. If that's all you want there, don't bother. Also must drive there, it's off the Van Wyck just after the NY Times plant (21st Ave/St???)

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      Carrie Schadle

      A bit of subject maybe, but...

      I had emu carpaccio at Eight Mile Creek on Elizabeth Street. It was pretty incredible. If you like ostrich, you may want to try it. The place is pretty pricey, though.

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        Emily Cotlier

        Hey, I had emu meat recently myself, at a food festival here in Auckland, and it WAS great. You'd think a big bird would taste just like chicken, but no--it tasted just like beef!

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          Leslie Brenner

          Tastes like lamb to me. Very rich.