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Feb 8, 2000 04:17 PM

unusual food

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Hello there!I am looking to find the most way out, unusual, wacky, shocking, stange, dishes and restaurants in the New York area (tri state)...any suggestions??? thanks CV

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  1. Any more parameters? Cost? Take-out, eat-in?

    What is weird, to you?
    Do you mean unfamiliar ethnic fare (how about a tibetan place or a chinese place in Queens that has not been gringo-ized)?
    Or a really creative chef like Jean-George who at least when I was last at Vong was making some unique combos in his entrées?

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    1. re: Jessica S.

      jessica- The parameters are very broad. Unusual ethnic dishes would be great, for example I heard of a Nigerian restauraunt that serves goat's head, haggis, etc. anything I suppose that would be considered unusual to the "average" american who doesn't live in the U.S.! I'm not looking so much for restaurants that are unusual because they feature eclectic fusion reciepes, etc.. any suggestions would be much appreciated!!!!!! thanks!!!!! cat verde

      1. re: cat verde

        robt sietsema of the village voice seems to have a yen for the "weird", highly suspect, unamerican bits - you might want to check out the Voice online archive, or the Voice best-of 99 list in the reviews area of this site.

        1. re: jen kalb
          Adam Stephanides

          Practically any Chinese restaurant recommended on these boards will have a menu full of exotic-sounding dishes. For instance, I recently went to the Sweet 'n' Tart Restaurant and 20 Mott St. and had taro and dried salted quail with double boiled rice in Yunnan pot; and black sesame paste with "sau woo" (it was in quotes on the menu, and I have no idea what it is). The most exotic dish I've eaten in New York, though, is the spleen sandwich at Fernandino's in Brooklyn (there's a thread about them on the Outer Boroughs board).


        2. re: cat verde
          Barry Strugatz

          Shanghai Tang in SOHO has pork sinuses on the menu.

      2. Karam is somewhere in Brooklyn and serves lamb's
        head and intestines. Is that weird enough?

        (By the way, I haven't had it there but this stuff
        is delicious when prepared properly.)