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Feb 7, 2000 03:46 PM


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OK, so I realize that fondue isn't a great culinary treat, but a friend of mine has been hankering for it, and ever since La Fondue closed, I have nowhere to take her. Is there a place in NYC (preferably Manhattan) that still serves fondue as an entree (no desserts, please). Thanks for any help.

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  1. My wife has recently also been on a fondue quest and we have tried the following:

    La Bonne Soupe -- 55th between 5th and 6th. They have both cheese and meat. The cheese was better.

    Roettele A.G. -- 7th Street and Ave. A. The decor here is nicer, but the fondue at La Bonne Soupe was a little better. They do, however, have Raclette a volonte (or, all-you-can-eat melted cheese with boiled potatoes, cornichons, and pickled onions). I am going to go back to try this!

    Hope this helps!