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Feb 5, 2000 07:38 AM

Bachelorette Party

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Five girlfriends are taking me to New York for my bachelorette party in May. We're staying at the Quality Inn Midtown. Any suggestions as where to have dinner and then some fun afterwards. We don't want to get decked out but we're not wearing jeans either. We don't want a nightclub where we'd have to stand in line all night to get in. But we like live music and we like to dance. We're thrity-something and we want to have FUN. Thanks!!

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  1. It's a bit of a tall order. I suggest you re-post this to the Manhattan board and and state the price range and day of the week you will be going out. Don't expect to do all (eat, drink, dance) in one venue.
    Also state address of hotel.
    Good luck

    1. on the dance/live music front, i suggest you try cafe wha, on minetta and macdougal in the west village. it's a small venue, but the band plays great cover tunes, and they usually start the show with a comedian. it's wildley popular with bachelorette parties, and even though there's no designated dance floor, everyone gets up and dances. i bring people from out of town there and it's always been a big hit. if i was coming from out of town on a bachelorette party, that's where i would go, no question. just call and make a reservation the week before; then you'll be guaranteed a table. it gets pretty crowded. Have fun!