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Feb 2, 2000 08:02 AM


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Hi all,

Does anyone know if Kyrgyz (or Kazakh, or Uighur) cuisine is available in the city? It seems like there are a lot of central Asian places in Queens; I've been doing some reading on Kyrgyzstan and would be interested in trying their food.


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  1. Hey Jeremy--have you gotten the sense of whether there IS a distinctly Krygyz cuisine, or is that what you are trying to find out? Given the number of Uzbeks and Tajiks living there, I would imagine that the food has a lot of connections to Uzbek or Tajik mountain food, or to western China--all of it pretty much defined by the harsh terrain. As far as food here, I would expect that many Kyrgyz immigrants MIGHT affiliate with Uzbeks here, so scouting around Uzbeki places might lead you to people from Kyrgyzstan. That may have to do until pan-Pamir restaurants emerge as the next big thing...

    Please let me know if you find anything. And if you have any recommendations on the Central Asian places in Queens, would love to hear it (see my post on the Outer Boroughs boards about trying to hit one this weekend.)

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      Steven Stern

      Don't know about Kyrgyz food, but Kazakh cuisine seems to involve a great variety of horsemeat sausages. Not, as they say, that there's anything wrong with that (unless you're a horse), but just to make sure you're not going into your culinary explorations with blinders on (sorry), here's a link to a Kazakh recipe website.


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        Thanks Steven, that's a great web site -- though I am not going to attempt any of the recipes just yet. If you're interested in reading a great description of a Kazakh feast, I quoted at length (no, not fair use -- sue me) from John Wardell's *On the Kirghiz Steppes*, at my reading-themed web site -- use the link below.



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        Thanks Mary!

        No, I don't know whether there is a distinctly Kyrgyz cuisine. I'm pretty new to this whole central Asian restaurant thing -- the only place I've been, to my recollection, is Uzbeki Tandoori Bread on 83rd Ave. in Kew Gardens, where I had an absolutely delicious bread and shish-kebab, and a dish called laghman, which didn't really do it for me. Do you know a place called (I think) Samarkand, on Queens Blvd. in Forest Hills? I have several times walked by there and thought about trying it; and have wanted to try out Tajikstan but have been too timid.