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Jan 31, 2000 09:04 AM

Indian food in Iselin, NJ

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Has anyone tried many of the Indian restaurants in this amazing stretch of Indian-owned businesses on and around Oaktree Rd.? We've gone at least 4 times to a great place called Swagath Gourmet, and love the food, but are feeling cautious about trying any new ones. Swagath serves basically dosas, and they're fabulous, but I'd like to try a restaurant there that has a broader menu, or at least a different one.

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  1. I've been to Udupi a couple of times. (732-283-0303
    1380 Oak Tree Rd) It's a vegetarian buffet. They have a good assortment and the food is always fresh. A bit too spicy for me, but my husband likes it just fine. Good breads.
    I like the desserts -- little cups of kheer (not sure of spelling) an Indian rice pudding, or those bright orange honey-dripping pretzely things, or vanilla custard with canned fruit cocktail.

    1. You are very right Swagat is a very good place to have South Indian food. It is not too restuaranty and they have some authentic dishes that you will not find on the menu's at fancy restuarant, dishes i have eaten at the homes of my South Indian friends. I have eaten at Updapi and the food is ok, instead of taste they just make it too hot, so that all your taste buds remember is that it was hot, the flavors never register in you brain for future reference.
      Another decent not so upscale place for North Indian food in the Iselin\Edison area you may want to try THE DHABA, they do tandoori and the tandoori bread are great. They have veg\non-veg both.
      If you every venture into the City - then go for a weekend buffet at this place called THE BAYLEAF. they are on 56th 5 & 6 but you may want to check it.
      The food there is good anytime but at the buffet you get to try multiple dishes at an economical price.