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Jan 24, 2000 03:25 PM

lobster and viegar

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Two summers ago while touring Prince Edward Island, I spoke to an old lobster fisherman.
He told me the next time I ate lobster, not to use garlic butter for dipping, but rather canadian white vinegar. The results were unbelieveable! the vinegar brings out and enhances the sweet lobster taste. Try it, I guarantee you will be converted!

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  1. As a child living on an island off the coast of portland, maine, I recall that the dipping butter for clams was frequently laced with vinegar. We would squeeze a lot of lemon into the butter for lobster (if lemons had made it over from the mainland),if not, we'd use vinegar. One my favorite dipping mediums for boiled shrimp is simply cider vinegar with lots of freshly ground pepper in it. pat