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Jan 24, 2000 08:21 AM

Drink City YUM!

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I happened to be in Grand Central Station last week and tried the hot chocolate at Drink City. I bought the $1 shot cup. Big mistake. It wasn't enough and it was so darn delicious...the best I've ever had. And as my train departed from the station I ripped open the cup just so I could lick the inside...mmmmmm. I think I will have to make a special trip to GCT just for the hot chocolate.
Have a good week...

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  1. "I ripped open the cup just so I could lick the inside"

    that's the spirit!!

    I'm on my way...


    ps--the wraps at Zocalo (also in grand central) are good...anybody eaten a full meal there yet?

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    1. re: Jim Leff

      I wasn't thrilled about my lunch at Zocalo, which seemed to have been put together with dull, too-wholesome ingredients by somebody who had never eaten an actual Mexican meal. I would stick to chips, salsa and beer.

      1. re: j gold

        Oh well. Did you try the chiles en nogada? They've really piqued my interest; the dish is VERY hard to find elsewhere in town.

        The wraps (which I think are only available in the takeout area) are pretty good if you don't think of 'em as Mexican food. As for chips, I hope you mean the potato chips. As I said, they carry some of my favorite potato chips in America (Zapp's, which are not actually distributed here, someone has to order them specially). I think Virgil's, Teddy's in Brooklyn, and, sometimes, Gourmet Garage are the only sources in NYC.

        As for beer, the best drink there is the lemon soda. I forgot the brand, but the one they carry is real tart and un-sweet and good,with pulp in the soda (I like soda with pulp)


      2. re: Jim Leff

        How about the coffee cake at the Little Pie Co.? I haven't tasted it for about a year now (dieting, y'know), but it was formerly one of my favorite sweets.

        1. re: AHR

          the coffee cake still kills, but the prices have actually gone up (were stratospheric already).

          I'm willing to pay more for better, but there's a point where it cuts down on enjoyment...a little square of coffee cake shouldn't cost serious $$$....

          .but I still buy stuff there


      3. Someone told me that there are three ingredients in that hot chocolate: sugar, cocoa powder (don't know what kind), and cream. Enjoy!

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        1. re: Sharon A

          Actually, I think that hot cocoa is the tasty beverage that contains cocoa powder. Hot chocolate has non-powdered chocolate, melted into the milk or cream. Most people (myself included) tend to use the terms interchangeably, though. Sorry, not trying to be nitpicky, just informative. Or something.

          1. re: Jessica

            I believe that in America, hot cocoa and hot chocolate are used interchangeably for cocoa powder mixed with sugar and hot milk.
            I had mexican hot chocolate once with the mexican chocolate melted with milk. I think some Europeans make the distinction, too.
            Maybe it's something about our chocolate--its doesn't melt properly with milk to make a smooth drink. Cocoa, and even better 'dutch-processed' cocoa works very well. (the dutching makes it a little less bitter, more smooth).
            I bet Drink City gets the BEST cocoa and freshest cream and mmmmmmmm I'm getting thirsty...

        2. I agree!
          Was in GCS last Thurs and (luckily) splurged for the $3 cup. WOW! I kid you not when I say that I still tasted it the next day. Decadence in a glass. And the home-made marshmallows dipped in were an extra treat! This drink has changed my whole perspective on hot chocolate.