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Jan 18, 2000 04:43 PM


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Where can I buy good lavash, preferably in Manhattan?

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  1. Do they still sell Nejaimes' Lavash at Zabars and the like, and is that considered good lavash?

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    1. re: Jessica S.

      I've heard the word "lavash" used to describe so many different kinds of things that I've kinda lost any real focus on the word. I've seen Lebanese use it to describe a thin tortilla-style wrapping bread, Russians use it to describe a pillowy bread, often made with potato flour, Uzbekistanis use it for the Russian style bread and at least a couple varieties of their own.
      I've also seen it used to describe the crunchy flat breads such as Nejaimes' brand (FWIW, I used to eat every lunch at Nejaime's Market in Stockbridge when studying music at Tanglewood and it was SOOO down home that it cracks me up to see them touted by foodies all over the country!).

      For crispy flatbread, best I've ever had is at Five Points, in the Village, where they bake it in a brick oven.

      Didn't shed much light, but there you go. Maybe somebody out there has a better handle on lavash than I do?


      1. re: Jim Leff

        FWIW--spent all my childhood summers and many weekends thereafter at my parents country house in Stockbridge so I was quite amused when Nejaime's lavash went national, too. They are still my barometer for babaganoush... the way the smokiness of the grilled eggplant permeates it is so good. Their hummous was (and still is) really good. I hate when babaganoush is too similar to hummous and theirs really stood alone (it helps that I LOVE the taste and texture of eggplant and what's the point if you can't taste it and feel it in babganoush?)
        Small world that you spent time at Tanglewood, Jim.

        1. re: Jessica S.

          I had my very first babaganoush at Nejaime's!

          Even odder than the national presence of sleepy little Nejaime's Street Market on the national foodie scene.....

          I ate lunch many days at this diner down a back alley called "Sue's" or something. Years later, I finally saw the film "Alice's Restaurant", and in the movie Arlo Guthrie and company build the actual restaurant...and it was the place I'd eaten in! They'd changed the name.

          That was pretty weird to see. Not as weird as the time I saw a Woody Allen movie at the Bleecker Street Cinema and Woody's character in the movie went to see something at Bleecker Street Cinema and sat down a couple seats from me.

          I still haven't quite recovered from that one....

          1. re: Jim Leff

            Yup, that was the original Alice's...there were 2 more locations after that. We ate there quite a bit, too, and some of my sibs worked there. And yes, Arlo would come in and also James Taylor and whomever was playing at Tanglewood.
            We had the best family birthdays at Alice's because she made a cake that was in a caramel cage and the birthday boy or girl would get a foil-covered mallet to break the cage. (So magical but I've since seen how they make the cage, you drizzle caramel into a boal that has been sprayed with something so it won't stick, then invert the bowl, etc.)

            Which is the movie and which is real life and is this all a dream? (LOL)

        2. re: Jim Leff

          I also know nejaimes very well. we've spent a lot of time in the area as well since the late 1970's. another very decent market up there is guido's. one in pittsfield, the other about 10 min from greaT barrington.

          1. re: stephenkaye

            Do you remember the Stockpot? Did you like Joe's Diner? Above all else, do you remember the terrifying "Dreamaway Lodge"? (read article below)


            1. re: Jim Leff

              Yes on both accounts! The Stockpot I think became an auxiliary B &B for the Red Lion Inn, and Joe's.....oh boy my family had quite a run there, I was a kid and I LOVED it, we had the t-shirts and everything. I always had the fried chicken, french fries, milkshakes. MMMMM. I recall going back later, when I was older and having a turkey sandwich and egg cream at the counter. But that's gone, now too, eh?

              1. re: Jessica S.

                Joe's Diner, to my knowledge, is still open!

                also in the area...a seven year old girl sold me the best lemon squares once on the steps of the Lee public library.

                wonder where she's working now...


                1. re: Jim Leff

                  still one of my faves up there is THE DELI in great barrington. across the st. from majawe movie theatre.... sandwiches are fab.

                  1. re: stephen kaye

                    Everybody: I just realized we're discussing this stuff on the "What's My Craving" board...which is a shame, because Mass. people would be more likely to chime in if we were over on the New England board (also, it'd make this thread more useful for people headed that way, none of whom are likely to consult this board!).

                    so can we PLEASE continue this on the New England message board? Unless, of course, someone wants to give tips on were to find lavash bread (which is how this all began!)

                    The Management

                    1. re: Jim Leff

                      I was wondering when you were going to rein us in ;-).

                      Can you technically move the entire thread to another board? (Probably not).

      2. Kalustyan's on Lexington Avenue between 28th and 29th Streets has a number of different brands of lavash for sale. Whether or not they're the real thing, I'll leave that up to you!

        1. where can i buy good lavash, pref. online?!?!?