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Jan 12, 2000 05:50 PM

I'm Craving Ecuadorean

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Any ideas in the five boroughs? Only a couple have been mentioned here (Jackson Heights establishments).

Anyone been to Marisol in Brooklyn?

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  1. There is an Ecuadorean restaurant called Tommy's in Williamsburg.. on the corner of Manhattan and Conselyea. (Graham Ave stop of L train) have only eaten there once but it was pretty good

    1. El Punto del Sabor, as usual, in Sunnyside. On the corner of Greenpoint Avenue and 44th Street. I haven't eaten there yet, but it's always busy. Sometimes there's live music. There's also a photo mural of Guilin, China, left over from the takeout Chinese/barbecued chicken place that was in the same location for a couple of months. By the way, great Salvadoran restaurant a couple of blocks down (maybe 42nd st.) greenpoint. I forget the name.