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Dec 29, 1999 07:55 AM

looking for fresh and dried chilies and peppers

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I'm looking for a store or website that has a large selection of fresh and dried chilies (please don't suggest Kitchen). I'm especially interested in peppers for Spanish food--morrons, choriceros, noras, etc.
Any suggestions?

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  1. I don't know about dried, although I suspect that Sahadi's on Atlantic Ave. in Brooklyn Heights is probably OK in that department. I've found a pretty good variety of fresh at the produce market inside the Chelsea Market on 15th St. between 9th and 10th avenues.

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      International Spice House in Long Island has a large variety of unusual chiles including some of the ones you mentioned, they mail order and deliver. Can't find the phone number, but they are located in Hicksville and are probably listed in the phone book.

    2. Try Penzey's web site...their spices, peppers, herbs etc. are well-priced and wonderful quality. It's the only place I buy these items from! They're at Enjoy!

      1. You can try the El paso chile Company (mailorder)
        I've never used them, but have heard good things about them.


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        1. re: Jayask

          I'm presently in El Paso and was wondering where I can buy chiles....thanks for the info, I'm about a mile from these guys and will head over tomorrow!


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            Jim, if you have time there is a terrific bbq place in Carlsbad--it is located in a Dairy Queen. I am not kidding! The guy that runs the place has the reputation of being one of the most knowledgeable bbq people in the country--Danny Gaulden. The Jupiter of chowhounds (you) should not miss this place!:-)

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              Omigod -- the Alpha-Hound is going to kill himself if he didn't see your message in time.

              1. re: Dave Feldman

                Nah, I was saved by the calender. They were closed on the Good Friday I was in town.

                I owe someone a bunch of chiles (I promised), so maybe I'd better hit NJ and go find Pete's place.


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                  I think the name of the wholesaler is Puebla Foods in Passaic, NJ. The street was either Jefferson or Monroe. I'm not even sure if they'll still sell retail. I'm gonna try one of those silly AOL white pages search to see if I can find it.


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          Josh Mittleman

          I'm curious: Why not Kitchen?

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            Kitchen's chiles are pre-packed, over-priced and often long in the tooth. Somewhere in my notes--oh, god! I think it's lost in the memory of my old computer is a place in Passaic NJ that wholesales and retails Mexican food supplies. I'd go to them to get chiles by the bag full for $2-4. And fresh corn masa. If someone out there knows the name and address please share with us. I believe it was on Jefferson St. or Ave. I don't think they mail order.


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              Please help. I need fresh corn masa. Any places in Manhattan?

              1. re: Joe

                No, unless someone is keeping it hidden. Nearest I know is Puebla Foods on Jefferson Street in Passaic NJ.