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Dec 21, 1999 02:51 PM

I need more Bubble Tea!!!

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Has anyone found a good source for bubble (or pearl tea as it's sometimes called) in Manhattan? We usually only get this treat during our vacations to Vancouver but I saw online that there was a place called St. Alps in Chinatown that has some variation. Has anyone tried it?


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  1. Yep, I have tried the tea at St. Alps in Chinatown. Pretty interesting stuff, and the machine that shakes the tea up is really cool. The tapioca pearls are just the thing when someone you know thinks they've tried it all! They also have this tea/coffee drink that's just the thing for that little pick-me-up after a meal at, say, Shanghai Cuisine or Pongsri Thai.

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      Anyone who's tired of the boilerplate fare at places like Starbucks should go straight to Alp's for the bubble tea. It's definitely worth the schlep to Chinatown. I think it's best on a summery night when you want something cold, smooth, and most of all unusual to slake your thirst. I've tried the black-sesame and taro varieties (both superb), but my favorite is the unlikely coffee-tea combination. (These drinks take me back to an idyllic post-college sojourn I had in Taiwan, where the same type of ingredients that apparently go into tapioca bubbles were used in all manner of refreshing dessert.) All the times I've been to Alp's it's been packed with local teenagers who seem to be out on dates, some of them also indulging in an array of unusual finger foods...If you're taking this tea home to surprise and delight your loved ones, prepare for an idiosyncratic packaging experience -- they'll stack your bubble teas on top of each other in the snuggest of vertical tote sacks seemingly spill-proof for the subway ride home.

      1. Yea, St Alp's is really good... a lil overpriced, but good...My fave is this bakery off Canal Street...forgot the name but its across from a bank, two blocks from where the Confucious statue used to be...hehe...hope that helps =)

        1. Hey I am new to the crave and have not taste it yet. I moved to North Carolina from the North. And as you, sometimes the south is the last to know.

          But I did find the web site

          Can someone with extra ordinary skills discribe the taste of this drink?