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Dec 19, 1999 10:37 AM

eggnog and/or peppermint icecream

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each year edy's used to make eggnog ice cream and peppermint icecream around november -january. i can't seem to find it this year and i'm sorry, but it's just not christmas without it! can anyone help or offer suggestions of another brand anywhere in manhattan?

thanks in advance!

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  1. get some really good vanilla ice cream, smash up a half a dozen candy canes in a bowl into a semi-fine powder and mix it up.

    Put it into a container and back in the freezer -- voila!


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    1. re: Jason Perlow

      I think I saw Edy's Egg Nog ice cream at Grand Union on Bleecker and LaGuardia.

      1. re: Jessica S.

        thanks much! i'll check it out!

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      Rachel Perlow

      Edy's has a website (, part of which is a "Flavor Finder" where you can enter a flavor and your zip code and see what stores in your area are carrying what you want. Check it out at the link below.


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      1. re: Rachel Perlow

        i actually check out this website, and edy's is now making something called eggnog and cream. i'll have to see if i can find that. looks like it may just be sold out though... ;-(

        1. re: Rachel Perlow
          Andre Carman

          I've had a craving for eggnog icecream but can't seem to find it anywhere. So now I'm trying the internet. I'm hoping you can help me out and tell me how I can purches some. I was trying to tell my wife about this flavor icecream and she had never heard of it. So here I am searching for it. So If you can, please help me.

          Thank you
          from Andre Carman

          1. re: Andre Carman
            Melanie Wong

            Seen it, don't know where to send you, but I suspect that it's a seasonal thing. You might have to wait another month or so before it hits the stores.

            1. re: Melanie Wong
              Rachel Perlow

              As Melanie said, it's a seasonal thing. According to Edy's flavor finder page (see my post to which Andre was responding) Edy's Grand Eggnog & Cream and Edy's Homemade Peppermint are available in November and December.

              I'm sure some local ice cream parlor will have these flavors during the holiday season too. However, if you really need it NOW, then I suggest you make it yourself. Here's a link for Eggnog Ice Cream from a website which sells all sorts of things for and about ice cream making:



        2. Taste of the Tropics makes delicious egg nog ice cream. We bought it at their retail store in Bklyn but it may be available in Manhattan too.