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Dec 18, 1999 01:12 PM

Masala Dosa

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know where I can get some good masala dosa?
Haven't had some in a while & i 'm beginning to fiend.

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  1. No doubt Jim and other outer-borough experts will be able to fill you in on nice places in Queens, but in Manhattan, I recommend Madras Cafe, west side of 2nd Av. between 4th and 5th Sts. I generally go for their Mysore Rava Masala Dosa.


    1. coincidentally, i just got back from eating one of the best dosas i've had in a long time and that was at the dosa hut in flushing, queens.

      its not the most accessible spot around - but if you are coming from manhattan, you get off 495 at the kissena blvd exit and head north for about a couple of miles; turn right on holly and there it is next to the grocery store on the corner of bowne and holly.

      i've posted about these guys before: they certainly are the equal of idli-dosa restaurants anywhere in the tri-state area, but i've never made a special trip out to them given the wildly variable quality.

      but if you manage to go fairly early (say by 11.30 in the morning), theres no one around and the guys in the kitchen are relaxed. (i've never had this pleasant experience as i've NEVER made it to the temple so early before). the dosas they produced were SUPERB; exactly crisp and not greasy. their dosa quality make me suspect that their uttapams must also be fabulous, but i regretfully couldn't eat one as i was already full.

      whats variable is the sambhar and the idli. the sambhar ranges from divine to ok; today was somewhere in between. they cook idlis in a batch and so you can get freshly steamed ones (heavenly) if you are lucky or get them re-heated in the microwave if you are not.

      so check it out, its definitely worth a dosa run early in the morning on a weekend. if you are going to get an uttapam, order it first as they have it to cook both sides (dosas only take one).