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Dec 17, 1999 11:19 PM

SANGRIA! Anybody have a killer recipe without soda?

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Hey everybody..want to make some killer sangria for new years eve and checked the web for sangria recipes, but finding it hard to find one without using club soda or some other carbonated addition. The sangria I like tastes like it has red wine, brandy, apple, orange, grapefruit slices...but not sure what the other ingred are..sugar? other liquor? Love the sangria at Sevilla, and even Pio Pio makes it good...Would love to hear any concoctions that fit this basic idea...


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  1. I got an excellent Sangria recipe from a fellow Chowhound back in May. It is from a published source so I cannot post it on the boards, but if you send me your e-mail address I will send you the recipe.

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    1. re: Jeremy Osner

      This Sangria recipe has been passed down through my family for years.

      Gallon of cheap wine
      fifth of speed rack brandy
      chopped peaches, pears, oranges,limes and lemons-3-4 apples in slices.
      Let mixture steep for about 15 minutes before serving.
      Hide the car keys...

      1. re: Mr. W.

        This is my improvised version of a recipe I picked up from someone from the south of France:

        750 cl red wine;
        1 cup orange juice;
        2 or 3 sliced oranges;
        2 or 3 sliced peaches;
        2 or more tablespoons sugar;
        1 cup vodka (my own addition);
        Let stand overnight in refrigerator.

        These ingredients can be altered to taste. I think that's what's great about sangria, its versatility. I'd like to try to make a white sangria the same as above, but using white wine, oranges, kiwis, and maybe some green grapes or some other white or green juicy or citrus-like fruit. Oh yeah, and vodka!

      2. re: Jeremy Osner

        Could you please forward that recipe to me too ?

        Thanks in advance !