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Dec 14, 1999 09:04 AM

salt packed anchovies

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Looking for salt-packed anchovies, not the drenched in oil kind. A few months ago I did a wild trek starting with what I thought would be the best bet, Citarella. No luck. Then Fairway, Zabars, down to Balducci, down further to Dean and Deluca, Gourmet Garage. Feet tired, will exhausted, I gave up.
Will has returned. Just need help on where to look. Thanks!

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  1. Theses anchovies are getting harder to find. I used to get tins of them at the Italian Food Center on Grand Street but Im not sure they have them any more.

    One source I am confident of is Latticini Barese on Union Street in Red Hook (just across the BQE overpass from Carroll Gardens. This store sells them in bulk (by weight) at this season along with nice baccala and other wonderful things, including their terrific mozzarellas. Stop in at Ferdinando's across the street for a rice ball or some potato croquettes if you make the trip.

    Two other possibilities to call are Raffetto's on Houston - they have some esoteric stuff like the salt packed capers from pantellaria - or the Food Hall at ABC - they have quite a number of Italian specialty items.
    Good luck in your hunt!

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      Another possibility is the grocery on Bleeker St., a few doors down (toward Cornelia) from the Carmine/6th Ave. intersection (Zito's side, not Faicco's side). It looks like a basic fruit stand, but it's Portuguese. Haven't been in a while, I know I've seen salt-packed anchovies there at some point. Good salt cod, too.

      (ps--Babbo last night was pretty goshdarn wonderful...and there was a veeerry curious incident as well. Will post later, but actually have to do some work now.

      1. re: Steven Stern

        Just discovered that salt-packed anchovies are also available at the Amish market on 45th b/w 2nd and 3rd, or at their Cedar Street (next to the WTC) location.
        Thank you one and all!

        1. re: Steven Stern

          They have salt packed anchovies at the Italian food store in the Chelsea Marketplace. They are sold in a medium size tin, for about $10.

        2. re: Jen Kalb

          There's a corner stall at the indoor market at Arthur Avenue in the Bronx that always has them, diagonally across from the salumeria (and my favorite olive dealer!).

        3. "dave & tony's" in astoria (30th ave. 34-35th street)
          always has a large open tin of salt anchovies at the counter.

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            dan silverman

            definetly available at di palo(?) on Grand St. and @ the Italian food store in the Chelsea Market. Don't forget to rinse 'em...Enjoy...