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Dec 6, 1999 12:18 PM

Quest for Scallion Pancakes

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Any suggestions as to where we could find good scallion pancakes that have been cooked on a griddle, rather than fried. (either Manhattan or outer boroughs)

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  1. Not too many months ago my daughter and I went on a scallion pancake prowl in Chinatown in Manhattan. We knew we'd know it when we found it. We also wanted unfried pancakes. To our happy surprise, there were many street vendors with the equipment to make them on a griddle and we just browsed from one vendor to another until we found what we wanted. We weren't disappointed. Good luck. p.

    1. I would recommend: Great Shanghai which is located at 27 Division St. off Bowery. Tel:212 966.7663. Their scallion pancakes are very respectable; densly layered and greasless. But while there, have an order of steamed vegtable dumplings. Far more excellent, then Excellent's. Not at all doughy with a light interior consistency and filled with fresh minced vegtables, egg and bits of celaphane noodles. Also, if you're of the mind, I believe GS prepares and carves Peking Duck as well as any kitchen in Chinatown, and you need not order it in advance. Also excellent are the cold seseme noodles.

      1. I like the ones at Noodles on 28th, and they are $3.50 I believe...Not greasy and they are great to dip into ginger sauce.