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Nov 18, 1999 03:11 PM

thanksgiving pie

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any suggestions for good Thanksgiving pies (pumpkin, sweet potato,apple)

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  1. Go to Arthur Schwartz's site or use the link below which will take you directly to his Pumpkin Custard Pie with cognac..........
    Or did you just want a good take-out place (try Taylor's for huge yummy pies) and not a recipe?


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    1. re: Jessica S.

      yes, you're right I could have been clearer. I'm looking for take out, and Taylors is always a good bet.

      1. re: glenn

        You might also try Once Upon a Tart (Sullivan betw. Prince & Houston) for great tarts and pies.
        One thing, you may have to reserve at any place you choose, if you want to get it on Thanksgiving.

        1. re: Jessica S.

          Marquet (in the Village on 13th I think) and on Smith Street in Brooklyn has luscious, exemplary french tarts - a great choice if youre going a little less conventional (but I really, strongly doubt if they do pumpkin or pecan). My experience at the Smith Street location has been a bit better to date, possibly because that's the bakery location. Also a good choice for a buche de noel (next holiday) but order in advance.

        2. re: glenn

          Just heard an ad on the radio for Thanksgiving pies at Greenberg's (apple, pumpkin and mincemeat). I love Greenberg's for their cakes and cookies, and I'm sure their pie is wonderful. They have been written about on this site before in reference to "good bakery cookies".

          1. re: Jessica S.

            This is a little obvious, but how about Little Pie Company (44th & 9th)? I think Jim also mentioned another outpost in Grand Central. Their sour-cream-apple pie is great, if you like extra-rich. Pecan is classic and good.

            Or, in Brooklyn, 3 Little Red Hens in Park Slope, which has beautiful cherry and blueberry pies with lattice crusts and my favorite cookies in the city (double chocolate crinkle).