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Nov 16, 1999 11:44 AM

Sizzling Rice Soup

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When I was a little girl, my family ate at a Chinese restaurant on Kings Highway in Brooklyn. I am pretty sure it is no longer there. (My father cannot remember the name of it.) I always ate and loved their Sizzling Rice Soup. Does anyone know where I can get good Sizzling Rice Soup? I have found it at a few other places but it has been gloppier and/or sweeter than I remember. The types that I have tried are either tomato-based or clear and egg-drop-like. I can't remember what my original was like--only that it had baby shrip, peas, and water chestnuts in it. Can someone please help me find my soup?

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  1. Easy one!

    Hunam Restaurant in Levittown, Long Island (3112 Hempstead Turnpike, (516) 731-3552)

    I like the shrimp version best.

    also order: slippery chicken, orange beef, twice-cooked pork, fried dumplings (the thick skinned suburban kind)

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    1. re: Jim Leff

      Jim beat me to the punch. Levittown Hunam - I always go there for the sizling rice soup when I have a cold; it is the Chinese equivalent to the Jews prescribing chicken soup. I've had even better versions in the past but (like cold noodles)the places are long gone.

      1. re: Joe D.

        It is probably a bad rendition, by listening to everyone else here, but I had this soup only recently at a rather bad place on Ninth Ave in Manhattan, betwn 42-43 (west side of St.). I was hungry, it was cold, this place looked mediocre, but the soup was really good, and cheap--like I said I don't know if it is at all good in comparison but it tasted good and was cheap!