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Nov 15, 1999 01:50 PM

lobster rolls, anyone?

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Had a trawl through the site and found plenty of suggestions in New England but not many in NYC area. Aside from Pearl Oyster Bar and Fireman's, are there any good places for a fabulous lobster roll (or even crab roll)?

Thanks in advance.

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    Blue Water (or is it Ocean Blue) has decent ones ... pretty good seafood place but very, very , very trendy..


    1. If you can go to Pearl's, why would you go anyplace else? The lobster roll--and clam chowder, and fried oyster sandwich--than which there is no other.

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      1. re: j gold
        Robert Sietsema

        And don't forget the lobster roll at Lobster Club, which is considerably pricier than Pearl's, but a little more overstuffed. You can eat it at the bar and be out of there in 30 minutes! That is, if you ever get up that way (24 E 80).

        1. re: Robert Sietsema

          I had to reply to this! - My big problem with lobster rolls is that they go to fast - delicious, but too squishy and ephemeral to make a meal. And expensive, for a couple minutes of eating. Its the roll I guess - does anyone make their rolls other than on those soft hot-dog type buns?

          1. re: Jen Kalb

            The lobster roll at Pearl is not at all ephemeral, and at $17 or so it better not be! I agree the bread is often not the best but I do think that Pearl's lobster roll could be a meal.

            1. re: Jessica S.
              Robert Sietsema

              The theory of the lobster roll is to 1) avoid having to tear a handsome animal to pieces, 2) keep control of the meat at all times (if you used some "good" bread on the lobster roll, something with a real crust, the precious meat would go flying across the room as you tore at the roll with your incisors), 3) to eat more mayonnaise. I contend that this food item is perfectly designed and needs no further improvement.

              1. re: Jessica S.

                How about the LA area? What's the best bread?