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Nov 5, 1999 08:05 AM

microbrewed beers

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I enjoy micro=brewed beers, other than DBA, I am not sure where to find a nice selection of micros in New York City .
Any suggestions appreciated.

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  1. j
    Josh Mittleman

    You can find a list of places to find great beer
    on the New York City Beer Guide. My favorite
    after DBA is the Waterfront Ale House, in both its



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    1. re: Josh Mittleman

      yes, indeed...great site.

      One bar you won't find lauded there is The Gingerman. Problem is they're MOBBED with an obnoxious cigar smoking crowd from 4-9 on weeknights and all night on weekends, so the Beer Geek crowd (of which I am part) shuns the place. But it's a GREAT bar late on weeknights...tons of beer, cozy couches, nice bar, etc. It's at 11 E36. One other quibble: the ales tend to be served too cold. But, of course, good luck avoiding that in NYC....

      1. re: Jim Leff

        Alpha Hound said (in so many words) it's hard to find beer that isn't served too cold in NYC. I expect the reason for this is that cold beer tends not to foam so much, which is very important in a busy bar serving lots of draft beer. And unfortunately, many of their customers believe that beer should be served obnoxiously cold.


    2. If you like d.b.a. then you might try Blind Tiger in the west village, Hudson at 10th. Further afield: Sparky's Ale House on Court St. Carrol Gardens, Brooklyn is worth a trip and has a relaxed atmosphere and good prices. Andy's Corner Bar in Bogota, NJ has some of the micros we should be able to enjoy in NYC but can't; usually two cask ales on handpump. Ah, yes then there is Dawson St. Pub in Philadelphia....... Can't figure out why so many beer bars in Manhattan give half their taps over to crap like Boddington's and Caffrey's.

      Joe Moryl

      1. The 2nd Room, spanking new cousin of The Room on Sullivan Street, just opened on West Broadway and Walker. Loads of Belgian and Czech beers, tap and bottles. I went with a beer lover who was very pleased with the selection and with the Curtis Mayfield on the stereo.

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        1. re: Liza
          Joe Moryl (NY/NJ)


          Thanks for the tip. Any word on what kind of domestic micros they might have - these are usually what I drink on a regular basis?

          Joe Moryl

          1. re: Joe Moryl (NY/NJ)

            I was there last night for the first time and I'm not a beer person (beerdy?)so I only noticed Sierra Nevada in the domestics. I think they might skew international - lots of varieties of Chimays, served in special glasses, that sort of thing. You could always give them a call before venturing out. Good luck!