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Nov 3, 1999 07:02 PM


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i'm finishing some exams and my brain's about to explode. i wanna go out friday night, eat something good (there's a little nip in the air, so maybe polish in greenpoint) and then get piss drunk (preferably beer..lots!) in the queens/brooklyn area.
any sugestions?

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  1. I hear there's this great middle-something sports bar called Legends-- ;-)

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    1. re: Barb. H.

      actually i've been there and all the banter at the bar about "dialectical materialism", "hobbes vs. locke", "is god really dead?" just confuses me! no, i'm looking for something decidedly less "high brow". i just wanna belly up to a regular guy bar, proceed to get sloshed and thing about more interesting things...
      like how do they grow those olives with the little bits of pimento in 'em?
      but thanks for the input.
      take care.

      1. re: fred t.

        I think they get the pimento in 'em the same way that that french company gets those pears inside of a bottle of Poire William. 'nuff said

        1. re: Mr. W.
          Rachel Perlow

          Did you know they actually grow the pears inside the bottles? They attach the bottles to the branches where immature pears are developing and they literally grow in the bottle!

          1. re: Rachel Perlow

            It's true.

            But the olive story is even more incredible.

            They grow little pimiento plants in pots hanging from those special manzanilla olive trees, so when the pimientos mature, they poke themselves right inside the olives. The olives never have a chance to develop those pesky, martini-destroying pits.
            And they water the pimiento plants and the olive trees with really salty water.

            1. re: MU

              where can i try this product, or better yet, buy some?

    2. j
      Jessica Shatan

      If I wanted to do that in Bklyn, I would either go to 2 Boots in the slope and get a bunch of 'boots' of Anchor Steam and the veggie po boy and be very happy.
      OR try for a table at Ausnot's in W-berg, or that bar/restaurant across the street from it--sorry I always forget the name!
      Or in Manhattan belly up to the bar at Swift's (E. 4th St.) or Old Town Bar (18th St.?) or the lovely Silver Swan just up a few blocks from Old Town.
      Hope you get de-frazzled!!