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Nov 3, 1999 09:36 AM

That Chicken Fried Steak Stuff...

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At our cafeteria this morning, they served something called chicken fried steak, served over a biscut with a peppered creamy gravy. Because of the recent attention paid to this Southern delicacy, I ordered some. This is the worst junk food known to me.
A slice of shoe leather, dipped in crumbs, deep fried until dark, served on a yeasty, doughy slab of flour, topped with non-descript, cream of cream fat, dotted with pepper, yuck. Whatever the posters here discribed, this was not the same animal.
In fact, I'm not sure that our chicken fried steak ever was an animal at all.


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  1. The fact that you were served a poorly prepared dish, does not (in my mind) imply that the dish itself is bad. I think the inedibility of your breakfast this morning is more a reflection on the skills of your cafeteria's kitchen staff, than on the concept of a chicken-fried steak. I mean, I don't like Big Mac's -- but for me to say that therefore, I don't like hamburgers, is not a justifiable implication.

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    1. re: Jeremy

      please don't get me wrong. I found out they use the chopped pressed formed type of steak. This is not to my taste, i guess.

      1. re: Jeremy
        Dave Feldman

        I agree with your point 100%, Jeremy.

        That said, I have to say that chicken fried steak and chicken fried chicken are two foods I can safely say I've never had a craving for. Along with breaded German meats, these have to be among the least tantalizing entrees imaginable for me. Yes, a good gravy can save the dish, but I usually think about how something more interesting (biscuits, better meat, heck, even good rice) below the gravy would be preferable.

        1. re: Dave Feldman

          Yeah, I feel pretty much the same way myself... nuff said

          1. re: Jeremy

            When it's good that is. First off, chicken fried steak is definitely not morning food (unless it's 2 in the morning). Second off, NYC is pretty much a chicken fried steak wasteland. A good chicken fried steak is worth the several thousand calories -- nicely tenderized thin beef in a great crispy fried chicken batter smothered in white cream gravy. Go to Texas for the good stuff. Threadgill's in Austin is famous for 2 things -- chicken fried steak and giving Janis Joplin her big break. They don't feature music much these days but the last time I was there, the chicken fried steak was still on the money.

            In New York, Cowgirl Hall of Fame does a pretty decent version. Any others?