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Nov 1, 1999 10:10 AM

Croatian Food Festival

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Haven't tried it yet, but the Delegates' Dining Room at the UN is having their Croatian Festival-- I think it started on Fri and will go for 2 or 3 weeks. It's open to the public and I warn you (if you're thinking of going) that sometimes they bus in seniors and other groups from the suburbs and can be an off-putting free-for-all. While they always bring native ingredients and chefs in to supervise and/or train the staff, they tend to come from the top hotel dining rooms, so while the food can be pretty tasty, I'm not always sure how authentic it is. Cost is usually around $20 for the buffet (wine and service-- which they add for groups-- not included, but I think it's tax-free since it's on international territory). It has been suggested that selections from the menu, rather than the buffet, would be better and/or more authentic food. I'd be curious to know how it measures up to the croatian football club, or whatever other authentic food of it's type is available here for comparison...

When I go, I'll report back, too.

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  1. Hope you'll have a good meal. Don't forget to make reservations (a must!). And then on that day, give yourself extra time to go thru security and metal detectors, and then line up at another desk to surrender your photo ID to get a pass to go up to the dining room.