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Oct 27, 1999 01:16 PM

Shrimp n grits

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Not since I lived in South Carolina, have I seen Shrimp n grits in a restaurant. I'm not talking about the fancy places, just good Southern Foods, red eye gravy and the like.

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  1. wow...I'd never before even IMAGINED shrimp and grits. But now I've gotta have some....

    Where's good to get it in SC? If you have advice, please leave it on the "South" message board (use the handy link below...)


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    1. re: Jim Leff

      You would just love it!
      The creamyness of the grits, followed by the sparkling sea taste of the shrimp. Not at all like cheese grits, more like Southern Rissoto with shrimp.
      You cook your grits, not instant grits low and slow.
      peel the shrimp, in another pot boil the shells until they are a stock, add this stock to the pot of grits. Continue cooking until the grits are just done, set aside and keep warm. In a saute pan, add some butter and heat to noisette stage, add garlic and shrimp and saute to just done. Toss with the grits and serve!
      Stand away.
      Now I can cook this, but where can I get this cooked for me?

      1. re: Mr. W.

        Sounds easy enough! But I don't think I could possibly "stand away"!

        I do know good cheese grits: Pink Teacup in the village. But shrimp 'n grits have got to be served somewhere, and I'm gonna find 'em....


        1. re: Jim Leff

          Think I found the place, but alas they are in the inner city. Got to find someone to drive me there. It's in East Orange. Will let the board know if I can get in there.

          1. re: Mr. W.
            Jessica Nepomuceno

            I just mentioned this place in the "chicken fried chicken" thread, but you guys might want to try Maroon's on 16th St. between 7th and 8th Aves. I had some excellent, fresh, garlicky shrimp (they were quite small, alas) with smooth, cheesy grits and just-bitter-enough greens. Now, I am not a grit person, but I actually enjoyed the texture and mellow flavor, which offset the garlickyness of the shrimp most excellently. The chef actually came out of the kitchen to watch appreciatively as I devoured the entire plate and all but licked it clean. True, the prices are not what you would find waaaaaaay uptown, but until I find that haven above 125th, I'll continue to meet friends at Maroon's.

            1. re: Jessica Nepomuceno

              Thanks for the suggestion! I'll try this place soon...

              1. re: Mr. W.

                I'm a big fan of Maroons, too. Their hushpuppies are incredible. I'll go back to try the shrimp n' grits.

            2. re: Mr. W.
              Rachel Perlow

              What place did you find? Was it in NYC, or in East Orange?
              Name, location, please.

      2. You can get shrimp and grits at Justine's, Puff Daddy's joint, in the Flatiron District. I've had it, it's good.

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        1. re: corndog

          Is this La Nouvelle Justine? or just Justine's?
          Do you have an adress?
          Thanks in advance.
          Mr. W.

          1. re: Mr. W.

            Justin's is Sean Combs restaurant located at 21st b/w 5th and 6th