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Oct 25, 1999 04:07 PM

Where to find Harp on tap?

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Where can I find Harp on tap in Queens or the East side?

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  1. 1- East Side - Molly's @23rd & 3rd, Paddy's Ale House 3rd bet 19 & 20, Abbey Tavern, 27th & 3rd

    2- Queens - Leitrim - 57-13 Main ST, Flushing
    or try Roosevelt AVE off the #7 anywhere from 33rd to 61st (Woodside).

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    1. re: exileonmain

      dont know the name of the bar, but the irish bar on the west side of 85th and york has harp on tap

      1. re: howler
        Jessica Shatan

        A lot of irish bars have it. I love Harp too. You probably meant the upper east side, but in case you mean lower, Swift's on E. 4th and Brownie's on A betw. 10/11 have Harp on tap. Swift's also pours a nice Guinness, takes at least 5 minutes.

        1. re: Jessica Shatan

          Also at Cowgirl Hall of Fame, West 10th Street and Hudson in the West Village.