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Oct 20, 1999 03:52 PM

A great black and white cookie in Brooklyn

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There's this place on Court St., I think between Baltic and Warren, (or something like that, walk away from Atlantic Ave. past Wyckoff one or two blocks) called College Bakery. They make really wonderful black and white cookies that cost 75 cents. Each one is differently proportioned (black vs. white) and the cookies are always fresh (unless they don't have em that day) and have a nice, cakey but still cookie-like consistency. The chocolate frosting is really good but it's the vanilla that catches my attention - genuine vanilla flavor, and that's rare in the genre. The frosting also isn't as hard as most b&ws, rendering the cooking a total catastrophe once it's been bagged.

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  1. The College Bakery has been in business and in the same family since the thirties. They still use the same recipes ( a slight German slant). And their prices are incredibly low and the owners are super nice. Please patronize this unknown gem.