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Oct 12, 1999 07:09 PM

Dios de los Muertos...

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OK folks - we're coming up on the Day of the Dead and I need the skinny on where to find the best pan de muertos, candy skulls, and other traditional edible memories...

I know the area around Roosevelt Ave and Junction is probably the place...but where?

Just as an aside, Sicilians also celebrate the day - little children wake up on November 1st knowing that the dead have brought them candy and other sweets.

Would anyone know if any Italian neighborhoods kick up some fuss for the day here in NY? Just wondering.

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    Mark Sinclair

    Sorry, I don't have any answers to your question, but just a little clarification. Your subject line actually translates to "God of the Dead." Pretty scary.

    I think what you want is Dia de los muertos.

    The candy skulls are pretty wild. I had some of them in Mexico during dia de muertos a few years ago, and I could feel the sugar eating away at my teeth. The chocolate ones aren't so bad, it's the opaque white ones you have to look out for.