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Oct 8, 1999 10:10 AM

Squid Ink

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Anyone know where to get real squid ink in NYC?

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  1. You can buy cuttlefish ink (maybe squid ink too, I'm not sure) at Bounitalia, (212 633 9090) at 75 Ninth Ave, between 15th and 16th.

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      Steven Stern

      I'm pretty sure they have it in the fish department at Fairway, and I've also seen it in Italian groceries on Court Street in Carroll Gardens. There's also the trick that Paula Wolfert suggests in one of her books: get a couple cans of Goya calamares en su tinto (which are available at just about every supermarket & bodega) and use the liquid in the cans. Not as strong or black as the straight stuff, but good in a pinch.

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        Found it at Wild Edibles (255 Elizabeth Street, 212-625-9971). A most-likely lifetime supply, 16 oz., is $60, and keeps in the freezer. Many thanks!