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Oct 6, 1999 02:19 PM

Mexico Buns

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I know this isn't the real name for these "buns," which are a staple at so many dim sum houses. I'm not sure what the correct name is, but the best Mexico buns I've ever had were at 20 Mott, prior to the Sweet-n-Tart conversion. Where else can I get these addictive pillows of warm dough, so deliciously filled and then topped with that delicate layer of what tates like slightly salty meringue?

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    Frank Language

    From the Glad You Asked department:

    It sounds like you're talking about custard buns - although I'm not sure what you meant they were filled with. What tipped me off was your saying they were topped with "what tastes like slightly salty meringue". As a matter of fact, these are a pretty common item in Chinatown; the first place I'd look would be Maria's, or any Chinese bakery: there are several spreading east on Grand Street, or New Lung Fung on Mott or another - whose name escapes me, begins with "F" - lower down on Mott, about even with the Transfiguration Church.

    Sun Hop Shing (Mott, corner of Mosco) is my favorite dim sum house, but I'm not sure they have these buns. Personally, I like the coconut buns even better - eating the custard filling gives me tremendous feelings of guilt. And the place where I first had them, Tai Tung Restaurant at 244 Canal, is now a bakery called Dai Dung.

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      Yes, I'm talking about those custard buns, but they're usually somewhat lousy at those bakeries. I'm looking for the best.