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Where to get fresh tortillas?

Rick Elkins Sep 28, 1999 11:26 AM

Anybody know any stores in Brooklyn or Manhattan that sell good, fresh tortillas? Or maybe a restaurant that would sell them as take-out?

My wife craves blue corn tortillas (she used to live in New Mexico), but we'd also be happy with regular corn tortillas.

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    Rick Elkins RE: Rick Elkins Sep 28, 1999 11:37 AM

    I just realized that somebody else already posted this question, so my apologies to the board! I don't know how I missed it. It didn't seem as though anybody had found any places, but I can still hope...

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      MU RE: Rick Elkins Sep 28, 1999 11:39 AM

      Try Gabriela's on Amsterdam. Theirs are a little thinner than I like (partial to mostly unavailable hand-ground corn, hand-patted ones), but still pretty good. Haven't been there in awhile, so I'm not sure about their tortilla-resale policy.

      I'm not aware of any homemade blue ones, although you can buy (frozen, sorry) Bearitos blue corn tortillas that taste good, and are organic.

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        mitchw RE: Rick Elkins Sep 28, 1999 07:13 PM

        The following outlets carry fresh corn (white only) tortillas from Puebla Foods in Passaic:

        Stop One - 210 W. 94th Street (212) 864-9456
        Many Market - 697 Columbus @ 94th 662-4392
        Stop One Food Market - 748 10th Ave. @ 51st 397-0749
        Azteca Deli - 698 Amsterdam @ 93rd and
        Americana - 2657 Bwy @ 101st 666-8622

        This info comes from a NY Times article I had in my files!
        The bakery is at 75 Jefferson St. in Passaic (201) 473-4494, and is the main baker of fresh tortillas in the metro area. Hope this helps!

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          Rick Elkins RE: mitchw Oct 4, 1999 01:56 PM

          We ended up in Sunset Park , Brooklyn over the weekend, and stumbled into Jun's (at 5th ave. and about 50th st.)- a small produce store with a great selection of Latin fruits, vegetables and an assortment of different types of fresh tortillas.

          But instead of buying them, my wife informed me that if I were to buy a tortilla press, she'd try making them at home. And I have to say, they were great! For anyone who's interested, its not that hard, but it does take a little practice. You buy a press and some masa flour. We watched a woman in a taquerilla for technique, and while I won't try to claim they were as perfectly shaped as hers, they sure beat store-bought!

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