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Sep 24, 1999 11:53 AM

Biscuits 'n' Gravy

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I've been here before, searching for leads, and was
actually turned on to a couple of terrific little soul
food joints (Pink Teacup and Yvonne's in Larchmont)
that I wouldn't have otherwise frequented. So thank
y'all very much.

But what the girl and I are really hankering for is
that time-honored breakfast dish known as "biscuits
and gravy." That is, a couple of big, fluffy
buttermilk (I assume) biscuits sloshing around amid a
mess of red-eye gravy.

I assume this sort of thing has its roots in the
south, but Dot's Diner in Boulder, CO used to make a
mean plate of biscuits-n-gravy, and I think they were
actually a Denny's "Slam" breakfast in that part of
the country. But since moving to New York
(Westchester), we've done without. We live in Sleepy
Hollow, but would be willing to travel a reasonable
distance to indulge. Any ideas?


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  1. I don't know about the "red-eye" gravy, but Old Devil
    Moon on 12th Street between 1st and A makes a pretty
    good version of biscuits and milk gravy with sausage.
    They have a great brunch menu - possibly the best
    pancakes I've had, and if you're a meat eater, you also
    have to try their "city ham" - it's basically thinly
    sliced, perfectly grilled canadian bacon, and ooh is it
    good. Give 'em a try!

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    1. re: Mara
      Bryant Frazer

      Thanks, Mara. We'll give 'em a try just as soon as we have a chance. Hope they serve breakfast at all hours!

      No one else has any ideas? Guess this is rare cuisine in The City!

      1. re: Bryant Frazer

        The only place you'll be able to find authentic southern food is at one of the many Harlem churches, who's members put together some of the best dinners you'll ever have in New York City. If you do a little bit of research I'm sure you'll find a few of these churches who employ angelic grandmama's from down home, who spend their sunday afternoons serving up bicuits and gravy.

        1. re: Robecca

          I found the best such Harlem church supper, and wrote about it in my book. But the best fried chicken is actually in a restaurant: Charles Southern Kitchen, 2841 8 ave at 151 St.

          Charles is very religious, it's CLOSE to being like a church!

      2. re: Mara
        Bryant Frazer

        OK, we finally had occasion to try out the Old Devil Moon, and I'm eternally in Mara's debt. This is the sort of place that makes us wonder how it eluded us for so long as soon as we walk in the door, especially decked out as it was over the last weekend for Halloween.

        It wasn't biscuits 'n' gravy Nirvana, no -- I prefer the biscuits a bit softer and fluffier, myself (and this native Coloradan sentimentally cites the unauthentic but oh-so-delicious variety that can be had at Dot's Diner in Boulder as an example of the best biscuits that heaven will allow). But it was altogether satisfactory and unpretentious, and I look forward to returning and exploring the menu more thoroughly. (Mmm, Guinness on tap.)

        Incidentally, if anyone else is looking to make the same pilgrimage, note that the place is actually between Avenues A and B, rather than First and A.


        1. re: Bryant Frazer
          Christina Gould

          I'm looking for a recipe or maybe even a place around the Norfolk, Va area that serves biscuits and gravy but is not made with the white fluffy sauce. I'm looking for one made with a light brown gravy.