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Sep 17, 1999 10:02 PM

Good Armenian Restaurant?

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Since the demise several years ago of the Balkan
Armenian (which was near 19th and Lex) and the years
before that The Dardenelles on University Place, I
have not been able to find good Armenian food; even
bad Armenian is hard to come by. Where did those chefs
go? Does anyone know a place out there?

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  1. See my article on Ruth's Gourmet, linked below this

    Also....that article and lots of other stuff to read
    are indexed at:


    Link: http://www.chowhound.com/writing/ruth...

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    1. re: Jim Leff

      Thanks for the reminder. I had been wondering whether
      any other Armenian places may have opened since you
      wrote that article (I came across it while searching
      the boards for mouhammara (sp?), a recent craving),
      but I presume from your answer, nobody has identified
      one. Drats. Looks like I'll have to learn to make
      it myself, or get out to Fort Lee.

      FYI, you may have figured this out long ago, but
      with respect to the mouhammara mentioned in that
      article, my Armenian relatives in L.A. confirmed that
      it does indeed take pomegranate syrup. Is mouhammara
      part of other regional cuisines, too? I'm not familiar
      enough with the region to know.

      1. re: Mary Lynne

        Muhammara is pretty common across the spectrum of Middle Eastern cuisines. Pomegranate molasses, pepper paste and walnuts, the constituent ingredients, are commodities all over the region.

        1. re: j gold
          Robert Sietsema

          Note that there's a new Armenian restaurant called Yerevan (the captial of Soviet Armenia) located at 47-57 41st St in Long Island City/Sunnyside. Maybe it's not the Armenian restaurant of your dreams, but it's pretty darn good. They had pepper boreks, excellent ground meat kebabs on buttery dilled rice, a white bean dish or two, and Russian and Armenian salads. No muhammara in evidence, but there were a couple of nut things, including an impromtu dessert of fresh nuts on a tray with some foil-wrapped Russian chocolate bars.

          1. re: Robert Sietsema

            Yerevan's actually been there for years in different
            forms...glad to hear they've turned into something of a
            "real" restaurant, at least for the minute...

            I really miss Pyramid Bakery, a place around the corner
            from there where elderly Egyptian-Armenians ran a food
            shop from heaven, with fantastic Armenian desserts (the
            Egyptians are in awe of Armenian bakers, and the stuff
            there made me understand why)


            1. re: Jim Leff

              Jim's right to miss Pyramid. That place was fantastic
              (although the wife was very moody and could be very
              mean--and the husband was a sweetheart of a guy). The
              new owners are really trying hard and some of their
              appetizers are terrific. They are Lebanese. Try the
              "mousaka" and the lentil/rice pilaf. It's not Pyramid
              but at least it's still a great place to have in our

        2. re: Mary Lynne

          "FYI, you may have figured this out long ago, but
          with respect to the mouhammara mentioned in that
          article, my Armenian relatives in L.A. confirmed that
          it does indeed take pomegranate syrup"

          yeah, classically it does. But Ruth's husband swears to
          me that this version contains no pomegranates. Sure
          tastes like it does, though....

          I think Syrians miiiight make something similar, but
          I'm almost guessing here.

        3. re: Jim Leff
          Jonathan Sibley

          Ruth's is, indeed, fantastic. It's too bad it's take
          out, only, on the other hand, it all travels well.

          Just down the street is Silver Pond restaurant, which
          has quite a good Dim Sum, in my opinion. Perfect for
          Saturdays - Dim Sum and bring home Ruth's for dinner.