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Sep 17, 1999 12:38 PM

Best bagels in Brooklynb

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I know this seems like a very bacic request, but all the bagels I get are either cooked from pre-frozen dough (and taste like it) or are huge, puffy airbags. Where can I get good, real bagels in my borough???

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  1. I rarely eat bagels,the Bagel Hole on Seventh Ave. in
    Park Slope has good word-of-mouth.

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    1. re: Susan LaRosa

      Here's the skinny from a Jewish NY native (who grew up
      3 blocks from H&H):
      If you don't mind paying way too much, New World Coffee
      sells H&H bagel(s). For me, these are the ideal
      against which all other bagel(s) are compared. They
      are so chewy and dense - sometimes the price is worth
      it. Apart from those, I agree that Terrace bagels on
      Windsor Terrace is quite good, and you truly get the
      bagel that eats like a meal (it's huge). Bagel Hole is
      very satisfying for those who want a bagel so crisp on
      the outside, it's almost difficult to chew (it's fresh,

      Steer clear of NY Bagels N' Stuff - they're pretty
      awful unless you like cakey, crumbly bagels. And New
      Prospect is good if you want an incredibly dense
      whole-wheat experience and you don't mind waiting
      ridiculously long when there's only one other person in
      the store.

      I keep hearing of a place in NJ that sells the absolute
      best bagel anywhere - I don't know if it's the same
      place that's been posted on this board, but I'm
      curious. A friend of mine drives there from Manhattan
      every Saturday to pick up bagels, and he's right around
      the corner from H&H! Hmm, what's so special about
      these bagels?

    2. Its been a while, but when last checked, New Prospect
      at Home, on 7th Ave nr Berkeley in Park Slope, made
      their own bagels, wheaty, chewy and good - not exactly
      classics, and a bit pricy, but excellent.

      1. I'm partial to Terrace Bagels on PPW in Windsor
        Terrace. People also seem to like Bagel Hole on 7th
        Ave in Park Slope but I don't care for them for some

        1. In Cobble Hill, the new-ish place on the east side of
          Smith Street near Bergen is pretty good. Not
          incredibly delicious, but they *are* the real thing
          (boiled, then baked), which is more than I can say for
          anything else in the neighborhood.

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          1. re: Kendra

            Do you mean Bagel World (which is on Court St., not
            Smith), or is there a hitherto-unbeknownst-to-me bagel
            place on Smith?

            1. re: Jessica

              Whoops, sorry. Yes, Bagel World on Court Street.
              Also just had a couple of delicious muffins from there
              (chocolate which was still melty inside and orange
              flower). But their egg salad was awful.

          2. Outstanding bagel (bagels is not Yiddish! Bagel is
            singular and plural) is at a shop on Avenue J near the
            D train station heading towards Ocean Avenue. They are
            not as sugary as the yuppie variety and are consumed so
            extensively that all varieties are usually hot from the