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Sep 13, 1999 01:44 PM


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I am a reporter with the Wall Street Journal, working
on a story about the popularity of cheeks -- beef
cheeks, fish cheeks, pork cheeks, veal cheeks, etc. I
was looking not only for restaurants that serve these
dishes, but also fans of cheeks and examples, perhaps,
of cheek tasting menus, cookbooks with cheek recipies,
and eating clubs interested in cheeks. Does anyone
have any suggestions? Thanks a lot.

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  1. Wow. Cheeks, eh? Mario Batali's Babbo serves beef
    cheeks. Fish cheeks are considered a delicacy in
    Chinese cuisine. You might want to talk with chef Ming
    Tsai of Blue Ginger in Wellesley, Mass. It was from
    him that I learned about fish cheeks.

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    1. re: Liza

      Tom Colicchio at Gramercy Tavern served sublime beef
      cheeks this summer; he knows a lot about a lot, and if
      he's not too busy, he'll chat with you for sure.

      1. re: gourmetguy

        Oh those beef cheeks at Gramercy Tavern were so good
        they melted in your mouth. Maybe he'll give you his
        recipe - I'd love to try making those at home.

        1. re: Kate
          Robert Sietsema

          Bet none of 'em can beat the Teutonic beef cheeks at Danube, themselves upstaged by marvelous green spaetzle.

          1. re: Robert Sietsema
            jonathan gold

            Or for that matter, the braised beef cheeks with carrots that sometimes show up as a special at Le Gigot on Cornelia Street.