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Sep 10, 1999 06:19 PM

Satay Bars

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Recently ate at Wild Ginger a satay bar and Asian
restaurant in Seattle ,WA. Fabulous. Does anyone know
of this type of restaurant in the metropolitan New
York area.

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  1. Cannot believe no one has experienced a satay bar or restaurant in our area .Maybe now that we have a Northwestern Section some interest will be generated.

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    1. re: Alan B

      Sorry, Alan, I can't always get around to answering lots of messages. Typhoon Brewery in midtown has a satay bar downstairs (or did). Terrible thai food (in spite of some inflated reviews) and beer, but the satay at least USED to be real good.

      Best satay in town is at Taste Good in elmhurst, Queens but it certainly ain't a bar!