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Sep 10, 1999 04:03 PM

chocolate memories

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My father reminisces about a chocolate (pudding-like?)
dessert called "junkit" (spelling?). Does anyone know
what this is, and if it's available in NYC?

He also mourns the loss of Pepperidge Farm's chocolate
cookies with nuts. I think the name was something like
"brownie-nut" (?). Can anyone recommend a similar,
exemplary, commercially-available cookie?

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  1. good news on both counts.

    first, you can certainly find junkit in large suburban-
    style supermarkets. Walbaum's, Pathmark, etc. It's
    rennet, a pretty disgusting material. it's not
    chocolate itself, but can gel a pudding that can be
    flavored with chocolate.

    Pepperidge Farm does make brownie nut cookies, as far
    as I know. But if you can't find 'em, go for the big-
    format (in the wide bags) chocolate nut cookies;
    they're very similar. Just be careful not to get the
    chewy ones, which are all pretty horrible.

    Strange....junkit was my dad's fave, Pepperidge Farm
    brownie nut cookies my mom's. Are you sure we're not

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    1. re: Jim Leff

      You can still find "Junkit", ( I'm pretty sure ot is
      "Junket", though), at most groceries. My Mom always
      gave it to me when i was sick. I remember quite well
      spooning into it, and watching it separate into what
      looked like curds and watery syrup. I never had
      chocolate, only vanilla and some pink flavor. I can't
      appreciate the allure, have never had the urge to go
      out and whip some up.

      1. re: Heidi

        Junket's one of those things I haven't thought of for
        years and might easily not have thought of for years
        or decades to come! Anyway, I remember my mother
        making it a lot -- seemingly alternating making
        batches of Junket with making Royal (?) pudding.
        Junket was the less desireable, kind of mushy in
        texture and not exactly a thing as a kid you'd ask for
        more of. But since it was in decent flavors like a
        mildly chocolaty chocolate, you'd manage to finish
        your bowl. I remember more fondly getting metal tokens
        or prizes from the Junket boxes...I don't remember
        what they had on them. But my husband is telling me
        those tokens came out of Jello, and he thinks they had
        baseball players on them. Anyone remember?

        1. re: Kele
          Frank Language

          I'm sorry to say I don't remember prizes that came from
          Jell-o [pretty disgusting in its own way; comes from
          hoof parings], and my mom never forced us to eat Junket
          - although I remember the ads for it in women's

          We got this stuff called Whip 'n Chill all the time;
          anyone remember that? And in the early '70s there was
          this gelatin product called "1-2-3" that would separate
          into three layers. But the topper was these "Space
          Food Sticks" that supposedly developed by the space
          program. As I recall reading in Cosmopolitan once, a
          woman, upon seeing the test product, asked, "What is
          that? A tampon for a midget?"

          1. re: Frank Language

            Oh my God! I recall really liking Whip 'n Chill - I
            forgot all about it. And those Space Sticks...even as
            a kid I knew they were nasty, nasty, nasty. Now, I
            can't find anyone who remembers Mr. Wiggle Jello. Did
            I make this up?

    2. My father and I thank you all very kindly
      (and apologize for awakening any distasteful
      memories). And, Jim, is there any Italian in
      your background?

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      1. re: chimera

        "And, Jim, is there any Italian in your background?"

        I dated an Italian girl once....