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Sep 10, 1999 03:38 PM

Any Good Places to Eat in North Brooklyn (besides Northside)?

  • j

I pass by a lot of pint sized restauarants in the North
Brooklyn area. Are any of them any good?

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  1. Hi, Joe, and welcome to chowhound.

    Why not Northside restaurant? If, as I suspect, it's
    because you already know it, how about a few words
    about the place for those who've never been? Also,
    perhaps you've tried a few other places thereabouts
    that haven't panned out...any reports at all for us?

    We're here to exchange info, so cough some up!


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    1. re: Jim Leff

      You're right Jim, it's "besides Northside" because I
      already know it. I like Northside - it's an
      interesting setting and the specials are usually
      pretty good (e.g pasta with shrimp and broccoli rabe
      or escarole, ostrich!, buffalo!). And Brooklyn lager
      on tap is a plus. I really haven't found anything else
      in the immediate area; 15 blocks or so down is Giando
      which is the poor man's River Cafe and well worth
      trying. I don't like Bamonte's or Frost. Cono's on
      graham is pretty good. I'm all ears to other

      1. re: Joe D.

        joe, I just realized that we're chatting about Brooklyn
        on the "What's My Craving" board. Let's move this
        discussion over to the Outer Boroughs board. I'll give
        a link below that will bring you to the discussion
        over there.