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Sep 9, 1999 06:07 PM

scandinavian on les

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have any of the faithful heard of a scandinavian
restaurant on the lower east side,or is this merely a
rumor? many thanks!

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  1. I believe I saw a NYPress review of a Swedish place on
    LES earlier this summer, but can't remember any more

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    1. re: jen kalb

      It's at the very bottom of Orchard St. (south of Canal),
      and is supposed to be more of a bar with snacks like
      herrings, etc. I believe they serve akavit as well -- I
      don't know what kind of variety they have. I've heard
      varying reports on the quality.


      1. re: Patrick

        This place-Good World Bar and Grill-surfaced again as
        "Best Swedish Restaurant in Chinatown" in this week's
        best of issue of NY Press. 3 Orchard between Division
        and Canal. 925-9975.

        1. re: jen kalb

          Went to Good World a couple of weeks ago for beers and dinner. I had a herring sampler plate, which I really enjoyed. It also included some sliced cheese (Jarlsberg?), a couple of boiled new potatoes, and some sour cream topped with chopped onion. One friend had a fish soup to start (I only had a little taste, but it was delicious), followed by grilled sardines. The other two people had the meatballs, which came with mashed potatoes and lingonberry preserves. There were other things on the menu (my memory fails me on the specifics) that I would be interested in going back to try.

          Just a warning--it is also a bar, and by the time we were done eating a very loud sound system had been set up to play very loud music for some sort of record release party.