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Sep 7, 1999 05:43 PM

Top-quality syrups for soda?

  • j

At home, we have one of those great little home-soda
machines which carbonate water for you -- the problem
is finding quality syrups to make sodas and ice cream
parlor drinks with. (BTW, great peice on eggcreams Jim!
Only Fox's will do!)

Anybody know of really good quality brands with natural
ingredients, and a good array of flavors?

Somehow, the brand that Starbucks and the Barnes and
Noble cafe's use come to mind.. but I dont know where
to get it and what its called

Jason Perlow
Contributing Editor, ZD Sm@rt Reseller Magazine

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  1. Porto Rico Coffee & Tea Company on Bleecker Street in
    NYC carries a good brand, which is based in San
    Francisco. The brand is Torani. Porto Rico carries 20
    to 25 flavors, and they do mail order. Their toll-free
    number is 800 453 5908, in NYC call 212 477 5421.

    We love the almond, vanilla, and hazelnut flavors.