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Sep 7, 1999 12:12 AM

Where Can I Find Good (sit-down) Chinese Near the 59th St. Bridge?

  • j

How about some recommendations for good sit-down
Chinese near the 59th St. Bridge (1st or 2nd or even
3rd in the 50's or 60's).

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  1. k
    keith koenigsberg

    I like China Fun on 2nd ave near 65th street. Big
    menu, quick service, lots of dim sum available any
    hour, the food is always good. Never an unopened clam,
    never an overfried anything. Pictures on the menu make
    it easier (or if you are like me, more difficult!) to
    decide. The management tries hard to put their own
    spin on many dishes, and labels indicate if the dish is
    traditional or a china fun "original". My favorites
    here are chicken corn soup, sesame pancake, fried rice
    with pineapple, curry, and dried shrimp (i think, but
    it could be something else ground and sprinkled on
    top), any of the spicy dumplings (there are several to
    chose from).

    cudos to my friend lora for introducing me to this
    place, (cause if i don't write that, and she sees this
    post, she will crush me like a bug)

    1. i've only been there once on a saturday for dim sum,
      but cafe evergreen on 1st ave and 69th was pretty
      good. my chinese friends go there a lot as well.