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Aug 26, 1999 01:23 PM

Edy's Dreamery

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Has anyone else tried Edy's new ice cream, sold in
pints. It's amazing! It could give Ben & Jerry's a
run for the money. My favorite, so far, is the Mint
(I forget the fancy name). It's not just mint chip,
it's got mint cookies and peppermint patties, and a
fudge swirl in it, deadly!

Other flavors I've tried (once again, I'm not 100%
sure of the flavor names, but you can get the gist):

Chocolate Truffle: Chocolate Ice Cream with truffle
chucks, similar to B&J Brownie or Godiva (w/out the
raspberry flavor, acually I love that flavor)

Banana Mania: Banana Ice Cream with peanut butter and
chocolate flakes

Strawberry Cheescake: Strawberry Ice with chunks of
cheesecake, not just sort of cheesecake flavored (like
Baskin Robbins), but chunks, with graham cracker crust.

We purchased at Foodtown. I have to go back to try
the other flavors.

BTW - no disclaimer needed, I'm an ice cream freak
with no relationship with any ice cream company or

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    Rachel Perlow

    Oops, wrong message board. Am moving to "Best" board.


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    1. re: Rachel Perlow

      Rachel, What is "Best" board, and how can I find it?
      By the way, I just need to grumble and say that, like
      so many other things, Edy's special flavors are not
      available here in Pittsburgh. sigh...

      1. re: debbie

        What is "Best" board, and how can I find it? "

        Debbie, we have a bunch of message boards
        can see an index of all of them by clicking on the link


        1. re: Jim Leff

          It's amazing I'm at work today, considering I have two
          pints of Edy's Dreamery ice cream crooning at me from
          my freezer at home. Couldn't find the mint (rats), but
          did pick up the chocolate truffle and "Hot Chilli"
          something - vanilla ice cream with spicy nuts and a
          "mole" sauce. The chocolate was good, but the other
          one...oh my goodness. It's a Southwestern-type thing
          I'd never hoped to find in NY, and I wonder if it'll
          catch on here. The cool slide of vanilla ice cream
          gives way to a little spicy heat at the back of your
          throat, just in time for another spoonful...I'm sold.
          Can't wait to find the mint one - thanks for the tip!

          1. re: Mara
            Rachel Perlow

            I didn't see that one (the chili) in my supermarket.
            I counted about a dozen flavors, but the website says
            there will be 18. See the link on the Best Board.

            1. re: Mara

              I gotta say, that mole ice cream is definitely the WEIRDEST flavor I've ever had from a mass-market ice cream company (the seasonal clam chowder ice cream at Christina's in Boston takes first prize overall....yech....). Not sure if I like it, but I gotta give props to Edy's (or should I say Dreyer's, now that I'm living on the West Coast) for their cojones in making it!

              My fave is currently the Strawberry Cheesecake -- nice cream cheese flavor in the ice cream, and nice, gluey, gummy bits of crust, just like the Swensen's cheesecake ice cream I remember from my youth....