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Aug 24, 1999 09:36 AM

Chicago Style Hot Dogs

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Anyone know where in NYC I can get an authentic Chicago
Style Hot Dog with all the trimmings - tomato, onion,
mustard, sport pepper and celery salt? I have not seen
one since I left the Midwest. Or how about the Coney-
Style Hot Dog ala the native cuisine in Detroit ( with
beanless chili, mustard and onions)?

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  1. Sport pepper???

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    1. re: Barb H.
      jonathan gold

      The sport pepper--a tiny, often searingly hot, pickled yellow chile--is an essential part of the Chicago dog experience. Even if you, like many Chicagoans, pick the things off, the few milligrams of vinegar leakage still flavor the dog. Although not, to the best of my knowledge, in the five boroughs.