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Aug 17, 1999 06:22 PM

Bubble tea

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hey, i was wondering if anyone knew how to make bubble
tea or where you could buy ingredients by internet.

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  1. Good question - We've come to love a couple of the
    bubble teas (especially the taro and the black sesame)
    served at Saint's Alp Teahouse on Mott St. and wish we
    could get some someplace closer to us. I would love to
    be able to whip some up at home and will eagerly watch
    for any response!

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    1. re: kele

      hello^-^ if you want to make some of your own bubble tea, you should go to this website

      It's under the drink section

      1. re: betty

        check out the new site they sell bubble iced tea kits!

    2. Yeah, I would Like To Know The Ingredients n how to make BBT... PLease help me out. e-mail me thnx!

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      1. re: JJ

        Here is an interesting interview with the patrons and management at St. Alps about bubble tea. I've done numerous searches, try searching on Google and you will find some recipes. I've been conisdering opening a place in NY for three years now.

        Good luck.